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Make Mother's Day Easy With Our Small-Batch Gift Boxes

Mother's Day gift box

Is there anyone harder to shop for than your mother?

These women are experts at knowing what everyone needs before they know it themselves. From new shoes to dentist appointments to a big hug, moms earn their stripes by taking care of everyone’s needs and wants, while keeping their own under wraps.

No matter how good your secret family recon skills might be, by the time you find out what's in your mom's wishlist, she's probably already comparison-shopped, found the best version for her needs, and is just waiting on a semi-annual sale to buy it for herself. You could still get it for her, but you know it'll just end with her chiding you for how much money you spent.

Here’s the thing: what moms really want is to know that you were thinking of them. Really, that’s all. And underneath all the "Oh, honey, can you really afford this, though?", your mom is feeling as happy as she did the first time you toddled up to her with a fistful of wildflowers.

That said, there’s one other thing moms really crave, and it’s something they will almost never give themselves:


Your mom has the shops and brands she always shops with—it’s the convenience of habit, more than anything else. But take your mom into a local specialty store (kitchen stuff, apothecary, jewelry, plants) and watch her eyes light up. She won’t buy anything for herself, and she’ll probably remark on how expensive everything is…but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to touch everything and tell you how cute it would be in your house.

With that in mind, we stuffed our Mother’s Day Bundle Boxes with surprises from artisans and makers all over the Midwest. If you’ve seen the photos going around on social media and wanted to know exactly what goes into these carefully curated gift boxes, read on.

But read fast, and order faster! Half of our boxes are already sold out and they’re going fast. 

Mother's Day Bundle Box -- Small Box

Mother's Day gift box

Keweenaw Coffee Works "Moms Need Coffee" Blend

We created this custom microroasted batch for all you early-rising, hard-working, flame-keeping woman warriors. This medium-roast blend that features juicy caramel and chocolate notes to make your morning wake-up a little more indulgent.

June Apothecary Tub Tea

Born from a biochemist’s boredom during lockdown, June Apothecary offers self-care supplies inspired by everything we love about northern Michigan. The Tub Teas feature natural bath salts and botanicals to relax your hardworking muscles and elevate your beautiful mind.


You can never have enough lip balm, and we’ve been supporting this woman-owned Midwestern brand since day one. This creamy-dreamy mouth moisturizer keeps your kisser soft and healthy with organic, petroleum-free ingredients, while also supporting organizations that fight domestic violence.

Artisan chocolate Mother's Day gift

Compartes Artisan Chocolate Bar 

Like Willy Wonka for grown-ups, these small-batch chocolate bars feature the kind of flavor combos you might dream up at 3am when the second bottle of fizzy wine is almost tanked. Donuts & Coffee, Caramelized Popcorn, Cereal Bowl…ugh, we better stop or there’s going to be a mess.

Coffee Blossom Honey Stick  

We are head over heels for this silky-textured small-batch honey made from the pollen of flowering coffee plants. Just like coffee beans, each honey features flavor notes unique to where it was produced, and helps support small coffee farms in their efforts to follow sustainable growing practices.

Handmade artisan soap

Soap Distillery Handmade Soap

Handmade with plant-based oils and fragrances, these cocktail-themed bar soaps give a heavenly lather and heady aroma in the bath or shower, leaving behind nothing but a rich moisture on your skin. With scents like Beer + Cigarettes and Bloody Mary, they’ll get you nice and clean but leave you feeling just the right amount of dirty.

Rishi Matcha Tea Stick  

Thanks to matcha's trendy status, you've probably tried on many occasions to satisfy your mom's curiosity about this superfood tea. Let her find out for herself with this single serving-sized sachet of shade-grown, stone-milled, organic green tea powder. She’s going to love the bright flavor, creamy texture, and the clean energy boost from its 170mg of plant polyphenols. (Just be ready for an extra-chatty phone call after she tries it.)

KCW Sticker

If you know us, you know we take a lot of personal pride in our sticker game. And it has never been stronger than this summer, with retro-fabulous designs from Claire Reed, Chris Schmidt, Lindsey Naylor, Laura Galindo, and our own Val and Nate. From sweet Keweenaw wildflowers to 70s-inspired sunsets, these stickers are an instant style upgrade no matter where you slap ’em.

Just Added! Protea Floral Air Plant

Let your mom take care of something easy for a change. These beautiful, trailing house plants are even simpler than succulents--no roots, no soil, no watering. Perfect for bedroom, bathroom, office, anywhere that could use a pop of color and texture.

Mother's Day Bundle Box -- Large Box

Includes all of the above, plus: 

June Apothecary Candle

Take that bubble bath to the next level with hand-poured, soot-free botanical fragrance.

KCW House-Made Macarons

Pretty, pillowy cookies sandwiched around velvety buttercream, handcrafted by our head baker. 

KCW House-Made Blueberry Rhubarb Jam

Juicy like a summer smoothie, complex like a fine wine, made from scratch in our cafe kitchen. 

Want to soup up your Mother's Day Bundle Box even more?

Add a signature Keweenaw Coffee Works 17 oz. thermos to either size box for $20 (that's $5 retail discount).

Click here to shop our custom-curated Mother's Day Bundle Boxes.
Boxes begin shipping today, and local pick-up will be available starting 5/5.

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