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Coffee In Full Color

We believe coffee is more than black and white. Each unique varietal tells a story of the place where it was grown and the people whose love and care brought it from the farm to your cup. Whether you brew our artisan roasted beans at home or enjoy them in a handcrafted drink at our Calumet café, we strive to present the full spectrum of flavors and faces, stories and soul that go into every delicious sip. 

About the Company 

Keweenaw Coffee Works is a social enterprise that offers high-quality small-batch specialty coffee across the Midwest, while proudly celebrating the natural and cultural beauty of our home in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Founded and run by husband-wife team Nate Shuttleworth and Valerie Baciak, our brand is built on a value for equal partnership, creative collaboration, and the joy of making and sharing the good stuff. 

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About the Coffee

We source exceptional coffees from small artisanal farms around the world, working with suppliers who prioritize ethical practices and sustainable product. Upon arrival at our Calumet roasterie, SCA Roasters Guild-trained roaster Nate Shuttleworth and team process each green coffee in small batches to consistently bring out the unique notes of taste and texture in each variety. 

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About Our Team 

With over 30 years’ experience in the professional coffee industry, our team makes a lot more than lattes. We take pride in crafting a meaningful experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the Keweenaw. (Dare we say, the entire Upper Peninsula.) From inventing outrageous seasonal drinks to curating our Marketplace with specialty items from all over the Midwest, from helping with your café start-up (including equipment sourcing and coffee bar flow) to training your staff as rockstar baristas, our team is what turns us from just a coffee roaster into a community hub for fun, culture, and inspiration. 

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Meet Our Team 

Val - Co-founder/CEO (chief empowerment officer)

Likes: potatoes, Frida Kahlo, dogs (especially KCW mascots Jasmine and Orinoco)

Dislikes: undercooked bacon

Best part of the job: watching our team grow their knowledge, skills, and confidence

Favorite coffee: The Straits and So Suomi



Nate - Co-founder/Chief roaster/Chef

Likes: good food, good people, good stories

Dislikes: marzipan

Best part of the job: co-steering this “ship” through waters of all weathers with a great co-captain and crew

Favorite coffee: Yooper Blend



Bubba - Coffee roaster/Corporate trainer

Likes: cooking, producing dance music, adventures that lead to swimming spots

Dislikes: inaccurate coffee terminology

Best part of the job:  learning something new every day 

Favorite coffee: Borealis and Italian Hall



Gabby - Production and Fulfillment Coordinator

Likes: house plants, EDM, pugs

Dislikes: the smell of cooked eggs

Best part of the job: being part of people’s morning ritual

Favorite coffee: Femme Fatale




Roberta - Keeper of receipts

Likes: 80s music, watching football, Christmas decorations

Dislikes: spiders and moths

Best part of the job: working for my daughter

Favorite coffee: The Smelter



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