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Leather Love--An Interview with Ben Mitchell of Dead Miners Handmade Goods

Like most Keweenaw locals, we've been huge fans of Dead Miners Handmade Goods since they debuted a few years back. We dare anybody to check out their line of handmade leather wallets and card sleeves emblazoned with iconic Keweenaw imagery (the Quincy Mine, the Northern Lights, rainbow trout scales, etc.) and not become instantly obsessed. As we've been expanding our in-house product line at KCW, we've been looking for an opportunity to partner with Dead Miners--it was just a matter of finding the right project. 

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Meet the Women Business Owners Who Make the Midwest Magic

Women entrepreneurs for International Women's Month

At the beginning of March, aka International Women’s Month, we had this great idea:

Why don’t we do a big round-up interview of all the women business owners we work with and admire? Wouldn’t that be fun? 

Well, we were wrong. It was a lot more than fun.


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