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Payin' It Forward! 'Cuz Dats How We Roll!


Keweenaw Coffee Works is proud to introduce their Pay-It-Forward program!

Each year, we set aside a few select coffees, specifically to gift to groups or organizations that are making a difference in their community. Groups we donate to include senior centers, non-for-profit organizations, offices who’s employees stand out and make their community sparkle, homeless and rehabilitation shelters, animal shelters, and public service providers. We do this because it is our strong belief that EVERYONE deserves excellent coffee, and no good deed should go unrewarded!

If you know of a group or organization that is making a difference in a BIG way, please email us at infoATkeweenawcoffeeworksDOTcom for consideration.


FINE PRINT: Donation quantity and sizes are made at the discretion of KCW representatives, based on need.  Pay-It-Forward coffee is limited to 154 lbs per year.

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