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WANTED: Artists and Coffee Connoisseurs

To Purchase Warriors Stance, the first coffee in the Artist-in-Residence Series, CLICK HERE

Back in June, Keweenaw Coffee Works (KCW) announced its partnership with artist, Liz Mares, as they launched the Artist in Residence Series.  This unique, one-of-a-kind coffee collection pairs outstanding coffee microlots with small-scale artwork inspired by coffee culture.  Each original piece- created by a different artist - is printed on high quality, archival paper suitable for framing and display.  The artwork is a collaboration between artist and coffee, integrating meaning behind each limited edition print. 


Valerie Baciak, co-founder and marketing director of KCW, is thrilled by the concept. “We love
the idea of bringing something special to the packaging.  Having an original artwork - that can be framed
and admired over a good cup of coffee - redefines ‘specialty’ coffee!  We
are also elated by Liz’s interruption of this very fine Peruvian bean.”

KCW launched the Artist-in-Residence Series in June 2015. The goal is to feature young and exciting artists as well as enhance the specialty coffee experience.  The first featured artist was discovered on one of Keweenaw’s wholesale partners’ Instagram feeds - Walnut Ink Projects.  Beyond what a traditional gallery offers, Walnut Ink exists as a multi-use, project-based, art and design environment founded by a group of like-minded individuals from a variety of artistic backgrounds.  Featuring specialty coffee has recently become part of their offerings.  Liz Mares, was an exhibiting artist at the time this idea was being developed.  We really liked the idea of working with other artists, such as Liz, to bring something more to our packaging. 


"I started to do research on Peruvian culture and loved the fact that they were a very proud people and deeply involved in the display and preservation of their culture. Even today, a lot of their people still dress in traditional garb. They are warriors in a sense. So I started to think to myself, what if I were to decorate a warrior’s shield in the Incan time period. Strong, bold, traditional. I thought that sounded a lot like coffee." 

-- Liz Mares, Artist featured in the premier edition of the Artist-in-Residence Series


To Purchase Warriors Stance, the first coffee in the Artist-in-Residence Series, CLICK HERE

About the Artist

Liz Mares (b. 1978) is a contemporary artist, curator and collector living in the Chicago-Land area. Her works are heavily influenced by the use of the line, architectural structuring and the human experience. Liz Mares’ works have been in exhibitions at the Customs House Museum (Clarksville, TN), Walnut Ink Projects (Michigan City, IN), 33 Contemporary Gallery (Chicago, IL) and Roman Susan Annex (Chicago, IL.) For more information about the artist, visit

©2009 - 2015 Liz Mares

About the Artist in Residence Series

Keweenaw Coffee Works is partnering with artists to create small works designed around coffee culture. Each work is printed on high quality, archival paper and is meant to be cut out, framed and displayed as a work of art. For more information about this series, including how your artwork may be considered, email infoATkeweenawcoffeeworksDOTcom

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