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More Soup For You! (recipe inside)

Chef Nate's roasted potato leek soup from Keweenaw Coffee Works

Here's the thing: if you're not spending most of the mid-holiday week burrowed into a Snuggie, accompanied by a stack of magazines or a classic movie marathon, you're not doing it right. This time of year is all about indulging "the soft animal of your body," as the poet Mary Oliver put it, with its favorite forms of warmth and comfort.

In other words, you need soup. And we have soup for you!

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Recipe: Iced Rainbow Latte

Iced rainbow coffee latte

If you've known us for very long, you know that we'll take any excuse to get fabulous. So when rainbow coffee swept the Internet a few years back, we were like one giant heart-shaped-eyes emoj, and couldn't wait to make a version of our own.

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