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So you've officially backed our Kickstarter campaign at the $55 or more level, but you want to add a few extra items?  No problem.  Check out individual pricing on available add-ons and follow our instructions below on how to add extra items to your reward!
Thanks for backing our Kickstarter campaign!
  • Add-ons can only bee add if you have selected the $55 level or more reward.
  • Select the "Back the Project" or "Manage Your Pledge" Button (if you've already pledged) on the top right. 
  • Increase the total by the $$$ of the add-on(s) you want - EXAMPLE: You have selected the $55 8x10 Print Reward but you want to add an extra 12 oz bag of coffee, which is valued at $20.  Simply adjust your Pledge amount to $75.
  • At the successful conclusion of the campaign you will be able to specify your add-on details in our backer survey. 
  • If you have more questions, feel free to shoot us a quick email at         

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