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$18.00 USD

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Our Seasonal Peaberry Offering

Cup Notes: Dark chocolate, black date, syrupy mouth feel, lime & clean

Roast Profile: Medium 

Region: Antigua

Certification: N/A

Origin: Guatemala

Notes from our Importer:

Guatemala began growing coffee commercially in 1850, relatively late compared to some of it's Central American neighbors. Coffee farming practices are similar to other countries in the region, but Guatemala has an abundance of water, volcanic soil, and very distinct micro-climates compared to its neighbors. Although late to coffee, Guatemala recognized and responded to the needs of the emerging specialty coffee sector earlier than most coffee producing regions. This standout peaberry microlot comes from the Antigua region. Antigua is a coffee producing region in Guatemala's central highlands. The Antigua Valley of Guatemala is one of the most famous and certainly one of the most beautiful coffee growing regions in the world.

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