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Young Mountain Tea

Young Mountain Tea - Nilgiri Black Braids (Indi's Gold)

$8.00 USD

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Origin: Coonoor Estate

Infusion Suggestion: 210oF for 2.5 minutes

This organic whole-leaf black tea comes from south India's ancient Nilgiri Mountains. Produced in small batches by veteran grower Indi Khanna, it's a spicy, bright, fruity tea unlike any other. The strongest and best selling tea in our collection, it carries the signature honey quality of Nilgiri teas that makes it great hot or iced.

It's a pleasure to be able to offer this high-elevation black tea. Indi has spent the last 30 years perfecting the intricate techniques of growing and processing tea, and you can taste his dedication to the craft in each sip. In the video below, he introduces the tea and explains the story behind the name "black braids."

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Click Here to watch Indi introduce this fine tea.


*All images and notes are from YMT.  Thank you.
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