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Vena's Fizz House Infusions

$15.00 USD

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Nate and Val discovered Vena's Fizz House on a recent trip to Portland, ME.  They fell in love with the high quality craft cocktails, atmosphere of the bar and lovely vintage cocktail market, so they decided to share a part of their trip with staff and customers alike.

Vena's Fizz House Infusion have quickly become a customer and staff favorite.  So much so that Kevin, our Retail Coordinator, choose them as his staff favorite's pick.

How they work

Infuse your spirits without chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups. Each Vena's Infusion Jar creates delicious recipes using freeze dried fruits, herbs, and bitter infused sugar cubes. All you have to do is add the alcohol!  Each infusion jar makes 5 to 6 drinks with 4 to 5 days of steep (infusion) time....or transfer the ingredients to a larger jar and double the steep time for more yield.  

Visit You Tube or Vena's website for recipes.

More about Kevin's Favorite Item

“I’m in love with the concept of these infusions. It was no question what product is my favorite when I was asked. Offering so many different flavoring options for various types of alcohol, people are just so intrigued by these; myself included. These are just flying off the shelves in our small batch market! This is a game changer for making your own fabulous drinks at home, especially during this holiday season.” - Kevin G.