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Seasonal Lot: Mexican Anaerobic Natural, Marco Antonio Cadena Solis

$25.00 USD

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 This microlot is produced using anaerobic fermentation. 

Sold in 12 oz bags only.  Only 50 bags available.

Compared to aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation produces distinct acids, like lactic acids, that give the final product a striking flavor. During this process, anaerobics are placed in sealed tanks that are pressurized from CO2 buildup, and then remaining pressure and oxygen are let out using release valves

The Cup: Sweet with winey fruit acidity, perfumed florals, ripe berries, rose, raspberry and dark chocolate flavors.

Country: Mexico

Region: Atoyac de Álvarez, Guerrero

Farm: Estancia

Variety: Arabica, Tipica, Oro Azteca, Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia

Process Method: Anaerobic Natural


The story of this coffee: (Notes from our Importer)

Marco Antonio Cadena Solis is the owner of Finca Estancia, a 40-hectare farm located in the city of Atoyac de Alvarez in Mexico's Guerrero region. An established cover of tropical rainforest flora provides a natural shade element to roughly half of the farm area, which is planted with 60,000 Tipica, Bourbon, Caturraa, Oro Azteca, and Colombian-variety coffee trees. For this specific lot, Marco harvested only the ripest cherries and stored them in sealed tanks without any water for an average period of 92-120 hours. After this, the coffee was transferred to a patio and dried as a Natural for a period of 17-20 days. Throughout the drying period, the coffee was moved daily.

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