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Country of Origin: Guatemala

Place of the Ancients

$15.00 USD

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Cup Notes: Sweet with Winey Acidity & Smooth Mouthfeel.  Notes of Coffee Cherry, Toffee, Lemon & Almond

Roast Profile: Medium

Region: Concepcion Huista, Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Certification: Ask our roaster

Special Notes about this coffee from the Importer: 

The Women Producer coffee from CODECH is a special program, and has been one of the catalysts for our expanded Women Producers collaborations. The coffee in this container is 100% from women-owned or -managed farms. The women growers are paid a premium to have their lots separated out for this specific offering, and the premiums are used in part by the women of CODECH to support health-initiative programs in the community. Half of the premium is collected for a women's health workshop in the municipality of Concepcion Huista, which has a high infant-mortality rate.

The organization's organic certification is not only indiciative of its commitment to being environmentally friendly, but also to be independent from transnationals which produce fertilizers. They are also want independence from the price of oil (used in fertilizers). Gregorio also believes that there is a growing market for organic products and wants to meet that demand.

For more information about this lovely group of women producers, click here.



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