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Number 0

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October's Number 0 Coffee Offering is a blend from El Salvador

The Cup

Citrus fruit with apple, berry and sugary pecan flavors; sweet with tangy fruit acidity and a soft and smooth mouthfeel.  

Country El Salvador
Region Chalatenango, 
La Hondurita, El Túnel, Chalatenango
Farm Cerro Negro, Finca La Trilla 
Variety Pacamara, Pacas
Altitude 1500 masl
Proc. Method Honey

More info about this coffee from our importers: Cafe Imports

Santos Arnulfo Díaz owns 4 manzanas of land to grow coffee, and he has several varieties planted on his farm: Pacas, Pacamara, and Bourbon, all of which grow under and around shade trees. To produce his Honey coffees, he picks ripe cherries and depulps them right away, laying them out to dry for 14–18 days before hulling. His goals for the future include buying more land so he can invest in new and different varieties. 

Jose Armando Portillo has been in coffee all his life—in fact, he describes his family as having coffee in their blood.Not only does he grow coffee for export, he also roasts some coffee for the local market.

Jose's farm is a 12-manzana plot on which he grows Pacas and Pacamara varieties. His coffee is hand-picked ripe at the height of the season, depulped in the afternoon, and dried about 15–20 days.

In 2003, Jose earned third place in the CoE competition.

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