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Country of Origin: El Salvador

Limited Selection - El Salvador

$25.00 USD

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We have very limited quantities of this gorgeous coffee, produced by a member of the Cup of Excellence.  Click here for more information about COE.

Cup Notes: A Highly Allocated, Microlot.  Fruity with Notes of Strawberry, Tart Cherry, Red Apple and Honey.  A Winey Complexity.

Roast Profile: Light / Medium 

Producer: José Maria Lemus

Farm: Peña Redonda

Region: Chalatenango

Certification: N/A 

Special Notes about this coffee from the Importer: 

José María Lemus is the owner of Peña Dorada, a 2.5-hectare farm located in the Chalatenango region of El Salvador. His process begins with a selective hand picking of only ripe cherries. Coffee is then de-pulped by hand the same day as it is harvested and moved to his honey beds where it begins the honey process. Typically, it takes about 14 to 16 days to find a stable moisture content for dry milling and exportation. José has always been a strong coffee producer and a COE member, we first bought his coffee in 2014.




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