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Roasterie Manager Ashley's Favorite Thing

Katherine Anne Drinking Chocolate

$12.00 USD

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Val was already familiar with Katherine Anne's decadent chocolate creations during her time spent as a Chicago resident, so when she tried Katherine's drinking chocolate at a farmer's market in Chicago in 2016, she knew she needed to carry Katherine's treats in the small batch marketplace. 

You will find her truffles, drinking chocolate and caramels in the market, OR if you are lucky enough to visit us at Roasterie 113, you will be able to have one of our talented baristas make you a haut-chocolate drink as part of our drinking chocolate menu offerings.

Each jar of drinking chocolate is 6 oz and makes approx. 5 "normal cups" of hot chocolate OR 2 "Katherine-Anne cups" of rich and dense drinking chocolate.

More about Katherine-Anne's Drinking Chocolate from Roasterie Manager Ashley

“I really enjoy this hot chocolate so much because of the high quality ingredients, and the ratios in which they are blended. It is a decadent drink and because I like my hot chocolate spicy, I add a little cayenne pepper to all the varieties Katherine Anne has created.” Ashley T.

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