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 We are really excited about the upcoming changes to the 906 Coffee Box subscription and we hope you will be too.

This is the main page for all 906 Coffee Box subscribers.  You will want to bookmark this page, so you can easily access information about your coffees as well as place any re-orders for coffees that you really enjoyed.  All re-orders come in 8 oz bags, same as the box.

Each coffee inside your box is numbered: 9 - 0 - 6.  Use those numbers to guide you to the information about that particular coffee.  Descriptions for your coffees will change each month to correspond with your new box, so if you want to hang onto that info longer, please print out the information.  

The coffees for each box are carefully selected and roasted by the KCW roasting squad and represent some of the best coffees currently available from our importers.  We know you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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