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Iron Fish Distillery Barrel-Aged Coffee

$28.00 USD

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We've partnered with the good folks at Iron Fish Distillery to bring you a very fine bourbon barrel aged coffee.  

Origin: Colombia
MASL: 1950–2100 MASL
Process: Natural, Barrel Aging
Cupping Notes: Piña Colada, Oak, Agave, Bee Pollen, Buttery Soft Finish
Roast: Medium

Sold in 16 oz containers.

*Does not contain alcohol

About the Barrel-Aging Process
This special edition coffee comes from the Manos Juntas micromill in the Sotara area of Colombia's Cauca region, while the barrel hails from France’s Chardonnay region, stopping next in the Caribbean, to age a molasses distilled dark rum, before making its way to Iron Fish Distillery, where it aged a high rye bourbon. Our coffee is barrel-aged for 4 weeks, then delicately roasted to a medium finish in our classic SF-25 artisan roaster.

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