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Tip Jar

$5.00 USD

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Our Tip Jar fund is used solely for staff compensation.

Our business, like so many, has been rocked over the last 14 months, during the COVID pandemic.  Just as we were looking forward to a busy summer and hopefully loosened pandemic restrictions a tragic multi-building fire ripped through our downtown, once again shuttering our doors and displacing many community members.

We are establishing this tip jar due to the recent multi-building fire that has impacted our community and local business.  KCW will be closed until further notice.  Our payroll needs are approximately $5000 per week.  We anticipate being closed for approximately 7 to 10 days, pending the completion of state fire Marshall investigation. All funds will be used to keep our staff employed during our closure.

We decided to set this up on our website in addition to a GoFundMe page because payments through our website incur less merchant fees, actively putting more money towards our staffing.  Additionally, patrons can choose to pay multiple ways, including using PayPal.  We will also be establishing a GoFundMe for tipping as well.  Look for details and a link soon.

Thank you!

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